Get back to work!



Just to clarify. I was bored of work not this blog (which I haven’t done enough on to be bored by it yet!).

Life seems a little too full at the moment (when isn’t it?) to be spending any time thinking about a blog. I may come back to this later.

In the mean time I’ll be watching worldoforen and worldofelsie closely.

bored with this….

…just bored with it

educational adventures

A week into the whole home-ed thing, and Oren’s reading and writing is coming on in leaps and bounds. They both seem to be a lot easier to get on with, too.

We all went ice-skating last friday, in Streatham. Elsie was brilliant. Ice-skating is a pretty difficult thing to get the hang of, and where, usually, you would expect Elsie to give up quite quickly, she really kept at it and by the end was happily pushing herself all the way around the rink with no help at all. The other kids there were a great help, holding her hands and giving her encouragement.

They’re off to the Natural History Museum today, to search for dinosaurs. Can’t wait till my work comes to an end so that I can join in!

Home-school: day2

On the second day of home-school for the kids, they went to a group at an adventure playground with animals, where Elsie met her double and Oren was schooled in the art of pool hustling by a couple of 8 year olds. Why did we waste so much time sending them to regular school?

…like a glove

Put the window in the wall last night (cheers Matt), and it fits like a tailored glove! I’ll post a pic when I have one. All that remains now is to fill, sand, paint and seal the outside and fit out the inside (seal, insulate, board out, fill, sand and paint the walls, make a floor, oh god the list goes on!), and I’ll be ready to move the office in…once I’ve sorted the radiator lighting and electrics. So not really even close to finishing yet. Still, I do have a tremendous feeling of achievement to have got this far without any major incident!


After a tremendous amount of discussion and thought, we have decided to take our children out of school and educate them at home. Feels a little like stepping off a cliff.

How to build a wall. Pt 1.

So, started building the wall over the weekend. Here are some pics of my first hand-built building (no I don’t think it’s too grand a term).

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If I had a hammer….

Tomorrow I should be starting my biggest building project to date. If It doesn’t rain I’ll be SMASHING DOWN the existing utility room wall and re-building it. Oren promises he’s going to help. I’ll document it and stick some pics up.

3D models for sale

I have some 3D models here for sale

under covers

Some images I have made in the quiet moments.

As you can see I’ve been reading John Wyndham!